We Do It All


This phase includes constant monitoring and interaction. We keep an eye on budgets to ensure the lowest costs,  stay on top of schedules for timely delivery and work closely with the design team to create your vision.


Working with trusted subcontractors, we keep them accountable throughout the entire build. From sequence to production and quality control, we stay focused on the goal. 


The last step in any build. This phase includes site cleanup, final inspections and move-in coordination. After completion, we have a final walkthrough to ensure your complete satisfaction. 



Major Home Renovations

This includes remodelling, adding stories/floors/levels, building out extensions and additions

Focused Renovations

This includes kitchen construction, renovation and remodelling. We are experts at installing cabinets & countertops and everything in between to create the kitchen of your dreams. It also includes Bathroom construction, renovation, remodelling, plumbing replacement and all other minor and major bathroom upgrades.

Flooring & Drywall

No matter the type of flooring that you have in mind, it's what we do. Ceramic tiling, wood floor installation, poured concrete, etc. Where the floor ends, the walls begin and we are experts at hanging and finishing drywall as well.


Construction of a deck, terrace or patio according to your needs and the space available.


Enlargement, modification, demolition, interior finishing and damage work.